Meet the GoEast Team

Our team is passionate about sharing Chinese language and culture with students all over the world. Every instructor has a university degree in Chinese a linguistics related major, is a native speaker, and is fluent in at least one foreign language. In addition to teaching, our team works together to help our language center grow with each instructor having a management role. Above all, our instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your learning goals through fun, effective, and customized lessons.


GoEast was founded by Emily Wang, and Maria Mao in 2010 as a small Mandarin language school in Shanghai. Jane Luo joined them in 2011 and together, they developed GoEast into one of the fastest growing Mandarin language schools in China. The CoFounders and teaching staff are dedicated to increasing the knowledge of the Mandarin language and Chinese culture throughout the world, one student at a time.

Emily Wang (王蓉 Wáng Róng)
CoFounder and CEO

Education: Master's, Fudan University
Bachelor's, Beijing Foreign Studies University
Teaching Achievement: taught Chinese language and business culture to Fortune 500 executives
Personal Achievement: multiple appearances on Chinese TV
Fun Fact: completed a Spartan Race

Maria Mao (毛瑞 Máo Ruì)
CoFounderCOO and HR Director

Education: Master's, Bachelor's, Beijing Foreign Studies University
Teaching Achievement: helped students advance 1 HSK level in just 1 month, and from total beginner to participating in meetings and reading Chinese poems and novels in 350 hours
Personal Achievement: has taught hundreds of Chinese language teachers, preparing them to teach abroad
Fun Fact: plays competitive ultimate frisbee

Jane Luo (罗琼 Luó Qióng)
CoFounder, General Manager of North America

Education: Master's, Bachelor's, Fudan University
Teaching Achievement: has taught all ages from Kindergarten to senior citizens
Personal Achievement: trained for and completed a half marathon
Fun Fact: dreams of opening a bakery

GoEast team

Alice Zheng (郑卉 Zhèng Huì)
Media Director and Associate Director of GoEast Online

Education: Master's, Bachelor's, Nankai University
Teaching Achievement: helped beginner students learn enough Chinese to travel independently in just 3 months
Personal Achievement: she gave a presentation about Chinese language in Swedish after learning the language in 1.5 years (level B2)
Fun Fact: she can identify most plants and flowers in gardens or in the wild

Clytie Yuan (袁家晟 Yuán Jiāshèng)
Senior Instructor and Graphic Designer

Education: Master's, Fudan University
Bachelor's, Shanghai Normal University
Teaching Achievement: in just 1 year helped 6 students pass HSK6 and 10 students pass HSK5 exams
Personal Achievement: designs products and art for GoEast such as postcards, mugs, t-shirts, posters
Fun Fact: learned Japanese so she could read a novel no one had translated (level N2)

Dana Chen (陈乔丹 Chén Qiáodān)
Instructor and Merchandiser

Education: Master's, Bachelor's, Sichuan University
Teaching Achievement: has taught more than 100 students from 13 countries and 5 continents
Personal Achievement: learned Spanish DELE A2 in 5 months
Fun Fact: she was hired at GoEast on her wedding day

Ellie Liu (刘晓丹 Liú Xiǎodān)
Senior Instructor and Curriculum Designer

Education: Master's, Fudan University
Bachelor's, Dalian University of Foreign Languages
Teaching Achievement: has more than 2,000 teaching hours at GoEast and abroad
Personal Achievement: she is the voice of GoEast, featured in online courses and videos
Fun Fact: has taken hip hop dance classes

Eva Zhang (张妍 Zhāng Yán)
General Manager Shanghai and Events Director

Education: Bachelor's, Beijing Foreign Studies University
Teaching Achievement: has never had a student complain about her since she started teaching
Personal Achievement: helped GoEast events increase the number of attendees by 7 times in 1 year
Fun Fact: brings vegetables from her family's farm near Ningbo to GoEast

Jeff Chen (陈举付 Chén Jǔfū)
Director of Operations

Education: Bachelor’s, Beijing Normal University
Teaching Achievement: helped over 100 students live and learn Chinese in Beijing as a roommate and tutor
Personal Achievement: is also a professional calligraphy teacher, specializing in
Fun Fact: plays ultimate frisbee at the national level

Lynn Ji (季玲 Jì Líng)
Instructor and Content Developer

Education: Master's, Bachelor's, Shanghai Normal University
Teaching Achievement: has taught students from more than 20 countries
Personal Achievement: was a volunteer teacher of Chinese middle school students for one year
Fun Fact: climbed a 5,200 meter snow-covered mountain

Michael Wang (王如迅 Wáng Rúxùn)
Chief Academic Officer and Director of GoEast Online

Education: Bachelor's, Shanghai Normal University
Teaching Achievement: has over 4,000 hours of teaching experience
Personal Achievement: taught himself Python programming to evaluate textbooks and learner gaps
Fun Fact: reads at least 20 books every year

Rex Xu (徐琎 Xú Jìn)
Instructor and Curriculum Designer

Education: Master's, Liaoning University
Bachelor's, Dalian University of Foreign Languages
Teaching Achievement: spent 1 year teaching Chinese in Korea at a boy's high school
Personal Achievement: certified by Hanban to teach Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
Fun Fact: takes awkward photos of people but doesn't share them

Sarah Johnson (江淼 Jiāng Miǎo)
English Instructor, Associate Marketing Director

Education: Bachelor's, Drexel University
Teaching Achievement: has taught workshops in English, French, computer technology, and youth sports
Personal Achievement: learned Chinese from complete beginner to HSK 3 in 1 year
Fun Fact: has completed 70 hours of flight lessons

Selena Hu (胡月 Hú Yuè)

Education: Bachelor's, Ningxia University
Teaching Achievement: helped a student reach HSK5 in under 300 hours with a perfect score on the HSK exam
Personal Achievement: changed careers from hotel management to teaching Chinese
Fun Fact: knows a lot about zodiac signs and Chinese fortune telling

Winona Liu (刘科含 Liú Kēhán)
Associate Manager Shanghai and Senior Instructor

Education: Master's, Shanghai Normal University
Teaching Achievement: designed GoEast's Chinese character course
Personal Achievement: set the GoEast record for most teaching hours completed in one month with 188
Fun Fact: dreamed of being a stage actress as a child