WHY CHOOSE A GOEAST Onsite Group Class?


Less than 6 students per class

Motivating Atmosphere

Affordable Price

Over 6 years, 800+ students are happy.


"The school firstly helps us students to find our personal motivation and tailor-fit their teaching methods accordingly, respecting our strengths and weaknesses. The fact that the school includes a cosy open cafe, invites lecturers and organizes cultural trips, shows their involvement of social integration. It is focused on more than just teaching a language by book, but wants to build a sincere yet very tolerant and calm community open to share with anyone willing to enjoy a genuine china experience."

- Ken, German, an exchange student in Tongji University


"Two different people recommended me to come to GoEast. Starting from the HSK 1 I now reached a HSK 3 level in only four months. I learned different languages before but was never so engaging like here: this is the perfect place to feel comfortable and having fun getting immersed in a different culture. Studying at GoEast enriched not only my Chinese, but also the feeling I have of this country."

-Beatrice, Italian, Communciation Designer

A variety of classes, always fit into your schedule.

  • Each class hour is 50 minutes.

What is the curriculum like?

  • HSK is China's standard test of standard Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers such as foreign students and overseas Chinese.

Seize the special offer NOW.

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A 3 months group course for you to get started with Chinese. Learn all the basic daily life topics and get familiar with reading and typing Chinese characters.


A 1 month course for you to truly understand Chinese characters and become literate in Chinese!

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A 6 days focus course to help you improve either spoken or reading speedily! Use the holiday to get ahead!