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 Classroom Environment

GoEast instructors are above all professional, effective and fun! They work with every student to develop a learning plan based on your skill level, learning, style and desired goals. Whether you choose to learn in classroom or online we make sure that you achieve your learning goals. Our instructors can help achieve various levels of fluency from basic conversational mandarin to HSK5 level advanced certification. 


GoEast was founded by Wang Rong, and Mao Rui in 2010 as a small Mandarin language school in Shanghai. Rong and Mao were joined by Luo in 2011 and quickly they began developing GoEast into one of the fastest growing Mandarin language schools in China. Together they hope to increase the knowledge of the Mandarin language and Chinese culture through GoEast, one student at a time.

Wang Rong

 Rong Wang

I’ve always had a passion for Chinese culture and language. I completed my MA in Comparative Literature from Fudan University, and quickly began looking for a career which would let me explore my two passions. I began taking mandarin language tutoring jobs, and kick started my career as a tutor.

In 2010, I co-founded GoEast with Rui with the simple goal of promoting Chinese culture to the world through language. We quickly succeeded by promoting customized courses that took into account the different learning styles and goals of each individual student. Over 6 years, I’ve personally had the pleasure of tutoring people from every kind of background; Fortune 500 executives, ambitious exchange students, travelers. I’ve tutored them all, and I’ve learned with all of them.

My role at GoEast is to facilitate your learning, whether that is intensive language training or simply a casual introduction to Chinese tea ceremonies. I’m here to help!

Mao Rui

 Yang Yang

After completing my MA at Beijing Foreign Studies University, I took up many different jobs. I taught at Universities. I was a translator at an American Fortune 500 company. I did everything. My real passions however were education and linguistics.

In 2006, my friend Rong and I began planning to one day start a business which would allow us to pursue our shared interests. Our idea was to start a language center that emphasized personal learning and educational research . Finally in 2010 our dream came true as we opened the doors at GoEast for the first time. We couldn’t be happier.

At GoEast, I’ve had fun developing new language courses and cultural programs while satisfying my passion for language and education. Over 6 years of tutoring I’ve met the most interesting people and I take pride knowing I’ve helped them all achieve success in their lives and careers. I hope that at GoEast we can help you achieve your goals and have fun learning!

Luo Qiong

 Luo Quou

At my hometown University I majored in Chinese language and literature but I always had an interest in studying English. I began my MA in Chinese Linguistics at Fudan University and started teaching Mandarin as a second language. Quickly, I realized that teaching foreigners Chinese was a perfect way to meld my knowledge of Chinese with my interest in English. It was a revelation!

I grew to love the teaching process, and specifically I loved spreading knowledge of the Chinese language. As I became a more effective teacher I realized that it had become my calling. After I completed my MA, I took various jobs unrelated to education but I always yearned to return to teaching.

In the summer of 2011, I met Rong and we were fast friends. Her enthusiasm and energy for teaching inspired me to rethink my life. Without hesitation I joined her and Rui at GoEast. We were three strong Chinese women who were innovating and succeeding in Chinese education. Together we hope we can help you find your passion for Chinese!