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Online Weekender Course

Learn Mandarin in Your Free Time on the Go with the Online Weekender


The Online Weekender is designed for people of all skill levels and can be customized to your own learning style, and goals.


The weekender is a comprehensive course that uses a variety of different methods to improve your verbal and written Mandarin skills. Newspaper articles, textbooks, movies, and music are all used as study aids to better understand Mandarin and Chinese culture. Each class focuses on developing strong grammar, vocabulary, and conversational Mandarin.

Every class includes both verbal and written practice, with an emphasis on fluency. Reading and writing of Hanzi is taught by our qualified teachers using a scientifically rigorous method that is proven to be effective.


You're busy during the weekdays but still would like to maintain or improve your mandarin skills while still having hte flexibility of being mobile.


Anywhere! The beauty of taking an online course is that you you have the flexibility to attend your classes wherever you have a high speed internet connection.

Lecture Contents

REVIEW 15 mins

THEORY 30-45 mins

DIALOGUE 10 mins

PRACTICE 20 mins

1 hr Tutoring/Week


1.5 hr classes twice a week

1 hr one on one tutoring a week

10AM - 1PM or 2PM - 5PM Saturdays and Sundays