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Spoken Course

Speak Mandarin Like a Local


The spoken course is designed for people who above all need to become a fluent Mandarin speaker.


The spoken course is designed to quickly and effectively bring a student to fluency in spoken Mandarin. Using music, chinese television, textbooks, and plenty of Mandarin conversation, our teachers can give anyone a head start on becoming fluent.

The course starts with situational speech (introducing yourself, asking directions, ordering from a menu), and progressively moves toward more complex conversations. Soon enough you'll be conversing like a local.


You want to learn how to speak Mandarin but aren't as interested in learning the intricacies of Hanzi.


Our beautiful Shanghai campus, or if you'd like to organize a course elsewhere in Shanghai we can accomodate.

Lecture Contents

REVIEW 20 - 30 mins

THEORY 1 hrs

PRACTICE 30 - 40 mins

1 hr Tutoring/Week


2 hr classes twice a week

1 hr one on one tutoring a week

Morning, Afternoon and Weekend classes available

Earlier Event: March 10
Standard Course