GoEast Beyond Program 2019


  • University students with business related background

  • Professional working people

  • Previous working experience is preferred

  • Non-Chinese Citizen

Application Deadline: June 30, 2019 (Shanghai time)

Price: 1800USD + 80USD Registration Fee

Program and Registration fees will be collected after your application is approved.

Application Form

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Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Why do you deserve the scholarship in 500 to 1000 words in English or Chinese

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1. How much does the nearby hotels cost? 

  • Nearby hotels/Airbnb: 250-500/per night, depending on different conditions.

2. In regards to the internship track, I’d like to know a little more about this and possible future employment in China.

  • The internship track means Fudan and their coordinators will make recommendations for internship opportunities. But as what we put in the program details, the placement will depend on the company needs and selection process. So no guarantee of certain positions.

3. Admission Certificate and Invoice for visa application

  • We will send the scholarship certificate and invitation letter for your application for a tourist visa. If you need other supportive documents, such as an invoice (should be a paypal payment invoice), we'd like to assist for that too.

4. Regulations of Fudan.

  • To attend the 10-day course full time.

  • To follow the instructions of the Fudan staff.

Visa Application Advice

  • You will apply visa by yourself with the supporting materials we provided, such as the Admission Certificate and Invitation Letter. Let me know if you need extra documents.

  • You will apply for a tourist visa, since it's a short-term program and it's easier to get your application approved.

  • Please visit China official visa application website and check the procedures.


Contact Us

  • mariamao@goeast.cn

  • +86-21-65129300

  • No. 194, Zhengmin Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

  • WeChat ID: MRMaria (Scan the QR code to add Maria on WeChat)