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GoEast Cooking Class - Make Wonton and Scallion Pancakes Yourself

  • GoEast Language Center No.194 Zhengmin Road Shanghai China (map)

What is the biggest war in China? The War of Words between the North and South (南北差异, Nánběi chāyì).

This time, GoEast Cooking Class will let you experience the War and choose sides. You will learn how to make:

Wontons(馄饨, Húntun), the typical southern cuisine.

and Scallion Pancakes(韭菜盒子, Jiǔcài hézi), a prevailing type of food in the northern part of China.

Our cooking teachers will help you make both from scratch and let you decide if you are a southerner or a northerner! 


We are going to:

  1. make wontons from scratch, share and eat them! (contains pork and gluten)
  2. make scallion pancakes from scratch, share and eat them! (contains eggs and gluten)
  3. take a quiz to find out more about the War of Words in China 
  4. decide for yourself if you are a southerner or northerner

Admission: FREE (registration required)

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