What will you get?

This course consists of a series of sessions, regarding different aspects of Chinese culture. You can take it as a combination of culture, language and networking. 


Chinese Tea 

Time: 7pm-9pm, Oct 18, Wednesday

  • Taste six variations of Chinese tea.
  • Gain some insight on Chinese philosophy through tea culture.


Time: 3pm-5pm, Oct 22, Sunday

  • Observe Kungfu masters in actual combat.
  • Learn basic moves from national Kungfu champions.




Time: 3pm-5pm, Oct 29, Sunday

  • The perfect practice for seeking inner peace and physical health.
  • Practice the 24 basic moves to help you further understand its basic theory and philosophy.


Chinese Painting

Time: 7pm-9pm, Nov 1, Wednesday

  • Oversee what is Chinese Ink Wash Painting by following the instructor step by step.
  • Feel the weight of the brushes and stokes to create your own painting.


Chinese Calligraphy

Time: 7pm-9pm, Nov 15, Wednesday

  • Observe the flow of the brush and how it creates a piece of artwork in front of your very eyes.
  • Get a chance to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese characters and their philosophical meaning



Time: 3pm-5pm, Nov 19, Sunday

  • An exciting gambling game as well as a social skill for networking.
  • Test of your memorization and strategizing skills


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Time: 3pm-5pm, Nov 26, Sunday

  • A brief introduction of acupuncture and Chinese massage from a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor.
  • Try out acupuncture and Chinese massage in person.


Chinese Cuisine

Time: 7pm-9pm, Dec 6, Wednesday

  • Watch the popular documentary “A Bite of China” and sample some of the dishes mentioned in the film.
  • Be able to recognize Chinese ingredients, spices, and cookware.

How to sign up?

Registration: Please contact us for more details by email or in person.

Price: ¥2680/All

* If you are interested in participate in single events please contact us for further information.

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