Welcome to the New goeastmandarin.com!

We’re happy to announce our fantastic, brand new website! We still offer the same high quality courses and tutoring, but we can now offer so much that simply wasn’t possible with our old site. We’ll still be rolling out features and improvements over the following months but feel free to take a look at some of the new features that are already on the site.

Social Media

We love our students at GoEast, and we wish it was easier to keep in touch. Well now thanks to miracle technology from 2010, we can! Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIn. We do them all now, and we’ll be posting regular updates to each site so follow, friend and connect with us. We’d love to hear from you so drop us a line sometime and we’ll be happy for the conversation.


If social media isn’t your style, we’re also going to be sending out a weekly e-newsletter. Calm your spam filters! We won’t flood your inbox and we’ll keep all posts relevant with updates about happenings at the GoEast campus, blog entries, and even offers and promotions. Feel free to sign up by filling out the form in the sidebar.


The GoEast blog is up and running! Of course, you already knew about that since you’re reading a blog post. Regardless, bookmark the blog because we’ll be posting regularly with articles about Chinese Culture, the Mandarin language, China at Large, and news about GoEast. The blog will have a comments section and will be connected to the main social networks so you can easily share GoEast blog posts with your friends and family.


When is the next Weekender Course at the GoEast campus? What is the movie for the next movie night? When was the Chinese Lantern festival this year? We’ll now be posting all this information on our website in neat, easy to digest calendars that you can subscribe to. You can even easily add events to your personal gCal or iCal calendar with the marked buttons.

More to Come!

We’ve worked hard to get goeastmandarin.com to where it is, but we’re already planning the next set of improvements. Keep checking with us to be up to date with all the new goodness!