Prepare for Success on the HSK 2 Exam

HSK 2  is the Chinese proficiency exam for students who have mastered 300 commonly used words (including 150 from HSK 1) and related grammar patterns. The test is made up of two parts: listening comprehension and reading comprehension. It contains a total of 60 questions to be completed in 50 mins. The HSK 2 exam does not test Chinese character knowledge.


Here are some tips for success on the HSK 2 exam:

1. Be familiar with the 300 words and the grammar patterns
It’s very important to  focus on the HSK 2 vocabulary. It’s important to know the correct words so you can understand the meaning of an entire sentence. Find an HSK 2 standard vocabulary list online. Make your own flashcards, either physically or via an app (such as Quizlet). Download the outline of the HSK 2 test. You can see all the grammar patterns required in the outline.

2.Do as many exercises as you can
Download the sample exams at the official HSK site or do the mock exams online. It is the best way to practice and see the different ways grammatical points are tested. Don't be too hash on yourself. You should prepare for the HSK test in advance, so set your goal first, then stick to it.


3. Set a deadline and Make a study plan
It is very important to plan ahead! First, set your goal. Decide which month you want to take the exam and register 2-3 months in advance. After you understand the structure of the test, create a detailed study plan, including how many words and how many mock exams you will complete each week.

4. Attend a HSK preparation class
A teacher familiar with the exam will help you understand word and grammar meanings plus show you strategies to pass the test. By engaging in group study, you will have the chance to learn from your partners and increase your confidence.

Here are some useful websites to help you master the HSK 2 exam:

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