How to Express "to Stand Someone Up" in Chinese

Where are you? I've been here for 20mins.
What! you can't come? You stood me up again!

In Chinese, the English expression "to stand someone up" is "放鸽子 (fàng gēzi)" and the literal translation is "release pigeons". What? Why do Chinese people use "release pigeons" but not "release sparrows" or some other birds? And why does it mean "to stand someone up" ?

Here is the story: in ancient times, people used pigeons to communicate. It is said that one time, person A made an agreement with person B. Person A wrote to B but he only sent the pigeons, not a letter. Person B said, "How can you only send the pigeons and not fulfill your promise?" Since then, the term "pigeon" is used when not fulfilling a promise.

Have you ever been in this situation? Like you had a date with your friend but your friend didn't show up in the end? Then your friend stood you up.

There was a guy planning to join a "releasing pigeons competition". On that day, nobody showed up just that guy. So he is the guy who wanted to release pigeons and he was stood up.

Now you understand why do we use "fàng gēzi", right?

However, don't stand your friends up. Otherwise, you won't have any friends.