The Structures in Chinese Companies


In China, the organizational structure of a company is basically the same as in other countries. A typical company may consist of the following main departments or functions: Production, Research and Development (R&D), Purchasing, Marketing (including sales), Human Resource Management, and Accounting and Finance.

The Production Department is called “产品部 chǎnpǐn bù” in Chinese. Its main responsibilities include production planning and scheduling, supervision of the production workforce, and managing product quality.

The Research and Development (R&D) Department is called “研发部 yánfā bù“. Its function is to develop new products or processes and improve existing products and processes. R&D activities must be closely coordinated with Marketing activities to ensure that the company or the organization is providing exactly what the customers want or need.

The Purchasing Department is called “采购部 cǎigòu bù”. The main function is acquiring goods and services for use by the company, such as, raw materials and components for manufacturing and production equipment. 

The Marketing Department is called “市场部 shìchǎngbù” and is concerned with identifying and satisfying customer needs and price points. Marketing activities involve researching what customers want and analyzing how the organization can satisfy these desires.

The Human Resources Department is called “人力资源部 rénlì zīyuán bù”. Its functions include the following: employee recruitment, training, development and relations between employees. 

The Accounting and Finance Department is called “财务部 cáiwù bù“. The most important function for this department is record keeping of transactions involving monetary inflow or outflow. Other functions include preparing financial statements and payroll administration.

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