Business Cards: The Gateway to a Good Relationship


It is customary to exchange business cards when you meet a new person. Business cards are always presented and received with two hands. It is important to hold the card at the corners so you don't cover the company logo or other information on the card. The card will be presented to you with the writing facing you so you can read it. Make sure you read it before putting it away, otherwise you will seem inconsiderate.

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When you receive a business card, look at the information on it and read the person's title out loud. This is a way to show respect for the person's achievements and abilities in their role at the company. Keep your comments focused on the individual rather than the company since you are meeting them, personally, and not only the company. You should read or comment on the company name, location, or any other details about the business card and its appearance.

Finally, when putting the business card away, take care! Treat the card with respect in the same way you would the person. Do not fold it, bend it, or stuff it in a pocket. Put the card in a case where it will not be damaged, ideally a business card holder or briefcase. Business relationships in China are centered on respect and the procedure for exchanging cards can be the start of a long and beneficial relationship.

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