5 Anniversary Gifts from GoEast!

GoEast is turning 5 years old this year! To celebrate we bring gifts! Check out the promotions that we're bringing to our loyal students to celebrate. We couldn't get here without you!

1. Buy One Get One 25% Off

Take advantage of the biggest discount in GoEast history! Buy 2 courses at the same time and get 25% off the lower priced course.

This promotion applies to all courses (online, in person, and off site), but is only available until March 31st so take advantage now!


Online Courses

  1. Purchase your first course from our online courses page as usual
  2. We will send you a link to purchase the second package at a 25% discount

On Site Courses

  1. Contact us at goeastchinese@gmail.com and mention our buy one get one 25% off promotion.
  2. We'll take care of the rest :)

2. Free Textbooks

Purchase over 5000RMB worth of GoEast courses before March 31st, and receive a set of related textbooks for FREE!

3. Open Month at GoEast

To celebrate GoEast’s 5th anniversary, we would like to grow the GoEast family. We will be having Free Open Classes every Thursday and Sunday for everyone to enjoy. And you will have the privilege to bring one person per time to your own class! Bring your friends! Bring your family! Everyone is welcome and we’d like to see everyone!

To thank our new friends we will also be giving out welcoming packages from GoEast that include the following:

  • A GoEast bag
  • A pen and notebook
  • Chinese phrasebooks
  • A 5th anniversary pin

Oh yeah, and if you bring up to 5 friends, you can get 5 free cups of coffee from the GoEast 看见 cafe! The best and earliest cafe in the neighborhood!

4. Free Lessons by Destiny

GoEast was founded on March 31st, 2012. It was the year of the dragon. If you are born in the year of the dragon or have a birthday in March, bring proof of birthday and we will give you a lesson completely FREE!

5. Share and Receive

Send a birthday wish to GoEast by adding #祝GoEast五周年生日快乐 to your post on either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Wechat Moment and you are entitled to one of these surprises: 

  1. A morning call from any GoEast teacher you select 
  2. Skip homework once 
  3. A GoEast 5th Anniversary special edition Pin 

To claim this reward, send a screenshot of your post to activity@goeast.cn