Shanghai’s Up and Coming Art District in West Bund

The West Bund is a quiet art district that occupies a long stretch of the Huangpu River. Unlike the other Bund, it’s relatively free of crowds, hawkers and selfie-taking tourists. With coffee shops, restaurants and a big green park with outdoor rock-climbing, basically it’s a great place to go and chill on your day off.

Designed by Liu Yichun, the Long Museum on the West Bund is a great example of modern architecture in China. The space houses a collection of modern paintings, sculptures and historical artifacts in a large minimalist concrete structure. Even if you don’t go inside, exploring the beautiful exterior of the museum is a treat.

There are other museums and art spaces too, including the West Bund Art Center and the Yuz Museum. All of them are constantly cycling through exhibitions, so make sure you jump online and see what’s on.

Long Museum:

West Bund Art Center:

Yuz Museum:


All photos were taken on 35mm expired film by Charlotte Birrell.


Charlotte spent most of her time moving between between Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Finally, she decided to settle down in Shanghai to study at GoEast and has since become fluent in Mandarin. Her interests include photography, art and design.