Shanghai Food Fix


In celebration of the success of GoEast’s cooking class last Tuesday, I have prepared a list of the different ways you can get your food fix in Shanghai…


For the More Adventurous

Street food! Shanghai has many great street vendors with such foods as classic fried rice or chargrill skewers (sticking to vegetarian options is probably for the better). It’s so cheap, delicious and you get to experience the authentic taste of Shanghai!

*Disclaimer: if you have hygiene concerns, then only eat street food if your local friends are eating it too.



For the Sort-of Adventurous

Chain restaurants at shopping centers are surprisingly good, and can provide you with the authentic food from different provinces around China, albeit more expensive. It must also be noted that reading some menus can be difficult, even with a good understanding of Chinese. I recommend 南京大排档 for Nanjing style food, Cloud South for Yunnan style food, 70’s Restaurant or Grandma’s House for Hangzhou style food and Xibei Youmian Cun for Xibei style food.


在商店的连锁餐馆也可以提供上海地道的食物,也可以品尝其他菜系。然而价格比较贵,而且有时候菜的名字有点儿复杂,不太容易看懂。不过如果你坚持看下来是值得的。在南京菜系中,我推荐南京大排档。在云南菜系中,我推荐Cloud South。在杭州菜系中,我推荐外婆家或者70后饭吧。在西北菜系中,我推荐西贝莜面村。

For the Computer-literate / Very Lazy / Hungover

Download Sherpa’s on your phone, or go to the website to get access to a range of different restaurants and order it right to your door. It’s in English so it’s easy to use. If your Chinese reading skills are more advanced then DianPing is for you. It has the same concept as Sherpa’s, plus it has some pretty mad discounts sometimes.



For the Organized

Cooking Western style dishes can be pretty expensive even if you buy everything from Wal-Mart. Cooking local dishes is definitely the way to go. However, if you’re not familiar with Chinese cooking methods, I recommend taking a cooking class, or buying and translating a cookbook. Buy your ingredients fresh from the local wet market and whip up something yourself at home! After you know a few recipes, cooking at home becomes the easiest and most affordable way to eat. 



See some pictures of GoEasters putting on their best wonton face below ~


Charlotte spent most of her time moving between between Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Finally, she decided to settle down in Shanghai to study at GoEast and has since become fluent in Mandarin. Her interests include photography, art and design.