How to Get Ready for the Chinese Winter

Qingling Mountain - Haihe River Line

Chinese winter is coming, and Chinese winters are cold. In the south, most buildings don’t have central heating .China is divided North-South by the Qinling Mountain-Huaihe River line. Everything north of the line has heating, and everything south of the line doesn’t. Unfortunately my hometown in Sichuan and in Shanghai are south of the Qinling Mountain-Huaihe River line. Since we can't move mountains or rivers, let's just get better prepared for the cold and wet season. How do you keep warm in China?

Things to Help you Keep Warm in China

It goes without saying that you should be dressing warmly! Always! These items are only to help you be a little more comfortable in the long winter months

Heating Bags

These are just flexible bottles filled with warm water that you can place under your blanket yo warm your sheets up quickly. Some are the traditional type where you simply fill them up with warm water and others are electrically heated.

Electric Blankets

Electric Blanket.jpg

Put these under the bed sheets to warm up your bed you go to sleep. Some people turn them off before going to sleep as the thought is that it it will dehydrate you if you leave it on all night long.

Heating Pads

Heating Pads.jpg

If you need to stay outside for a long time, these pads could be very helpful. They are for keeping specific parts of your body warm, such as your shoulders, knees, or stomach. Take some with you in your bag. These are especially great for when you go skiing.

Electric Heater/Fan

Electric Fan.jpg

These can heat up faster than the air conditioner that comes with your apartment and are usually much more efficient since they only heat up the area near you.

Electric Mahjongg Table

Heating Mahjong Table.jpg

Don't even worry about the cold when you play Mahjong. There are electric tables with heaters to keep you warm and toasty!



Both cute and practical. Fashion AND function forward.

Cellphone Gloves

Gloves for Using Cellphone.jpg

We know we can’t survive without our cellphones. Here we go!

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