Chinese Game Night!

Wondering why you haven’t made Chinese friends yet? Just learn how to play Chinese games! Come to GoEast and learn how to play the most popular Chinese games.

  • Mahjong 麻将(mǎjiàng)
  • Chinese chess 中国象棋 (zhōngguó xiàngqí)
  • Dou dizhu & Shuangkou (Chinese card games) 斗地主(dòu dìzhǔ)、双扣(shuāngkōu)

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture, have fun and Meet new friends! Feel free to bring drinks.


Time: September 11th (Friday), 7:00-10:00pm

Place: No.194-196 Zhengmin Rd, GoEast Language Center


  • FREE if you sign up online
  • 10 RMB at the door


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