GoEast ZongZi Wrapping Party!

Everyone loves zongzi...

Everyone loves zongzi...

We are inviting all GoEast students and friends to celebrate the marvellous Duanwu Jie with us by making zongzi, the traditional food for this festival!

What we are going to do:  BI SÀI! A competition!

  1. All participants will be divided into two teams by drawing lotteries. 
  2. The two teams will be led by Luo Laoshi (Jane) and Zheng Laoshi (Alice) separately. 
  3. Each team will work together to make the most and best zongzi within 1.5 hours. 
  4. We will boil them and enjoy them together.
  5. Rong laoshi (Emily) and Mao laoshi (Maria) will pick the winning team based on quantity and quality.
  6. The winning team will receive a special prize.  

Time:  3pm to 5pm, June 13th (Saturday)

Location: GoEast Language Center

Admission: FREE for GoEast students, 40RMB for Non-GoEast students (friends of GoEast students enjoy 50% off)

Come and join us to learn how to make zongzi from Scratch and to meet new friends! 

If you still don't know what "Duanwu jie" or "zongzi" is , read our blog post.


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