The 2015 Shanghai International Auto Show

I went to the 2015 Shanghai International Auto Show. I wanted to write an article about the Chinese auto industry and how much it’s changed. It really has…but I quickly realized how boring it is to write about boring cars. Yes, the Chinese auto industry is booming. They don't make cheesy, cheap cars anymore. For the most part they don’t take *ahem* inspiration from foreign marques anymore. They don’t have the same level of quality that you would expect from a Rolecks watch. Chinese cars are now competent, comfortable, and economical enough to compete beyond pricing with foreign automakers

Note that I didn’t mention interesting. Competent mass market cars aren’t meant to be interesting. They’re meant to sell. Buicks sell in China.  However, as China’s car market reaches adolescence, cracks are appearing in the beige armour. There were a few niche Chinese car makers that really stood out, for better or for worse. These were the freaks. The delightful freaks.

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